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ToscanaMare Real Estate Agency: Over 30 years of experience and a rich portfolio of real estate deals of the Etruscan Coast and in particular in Castagneto Carducci, Marina di Castagneto, Donoratico, Bolgheri, Cecina, Bibbona and San Vincenzo.

A welcoming area made of plains and hills, sea and ancient villages, once the cradle of Etruscan civilization.
We are on the sea of Tuscany in front of the islands of Capraia and Elba, which in the clear days give us wonderfull landscapes, unforgettalbe sunsets and unforgettable holidays.

Take a vacation in the most beautiful region of the world, in 3 easy steps:


It is our belief that with property transactions it is essential to be professionally correct, have transparent negotiations, be conscientious and loyal, constantly adjourned and co-operate with colleagues.

We are proud of being part of this wonderful profession and strive each day to fulfil our clients requests and the markets ever changing requirements.

The tools that we use for our profession are passion, confrontation, auto criticism and fortunately enjoyment.

Our real estate transactions are practised by:

Claudio Fatighenti, real estate agent registered in list of real estate agents C.C.I.A.A. Livorno #970

For our activity we use only clear and transparent contracts that are deposited in the Chamber of Comerce in Livorno.

Both parties are assisted step by step through their property transactions and our assistance is guaranteed in the post transaction phase as well.


Prior to drawing up the preliminary contract of sale:

  • Inspection of property and delivery of illustrative material
  • Assistance during negotiation with owners
  • Delivery of relative documents of urban laws and legislations
  • Relative cadastral survey of any mortgages

After drawing up of notarial deed "rogito":

  • Assistance with transfer of domestic utilities contracts
  • Assistance with financial management of purchased property with co-operation of chartered accountant
  • Assistance of maintenance and cleaning of house and garden, occasional or year round
  • Assistance of eventual restoration with the co-operation of a surveyor and a specialized building firm


For the management and promotion of property sale:

  • Estimate of property value
  • Publicity of property through specialized magazines, newspapers, internet and the finest real estate agencies on the international market
  • Periodical report on progress

Prior to drawing up of preliminary contract of sale:

  • Assistance in negotiation with clients
  • Technical, legal and notarial assistance

After drawing up of notarial deed:

  • Assistance with transfer of domestic utility contracts


  • We offer you our experience in sales and co-ordinate the transaction with the notary, lawyer, surveyor and interpreter. We prepare all documents and are present during the transaction for any need that may arise

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